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February 18, 2011

BARC's Bailey - A Joint Venture

BERNER, Inc. and BARC (Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition) have joined forces to help out a two year old intact female who was chained in the home of someone who was only interested in making money off of dogs. There were a number of other large breed females kept in the home.

Bailey needed vaccinations, blood work and parasite tests. She tested positive for Lyme and is currently being treated. She managed to avoid spay surgery last week by developing a temperature so we'll try again

Not surprisingly, Bailey has been quite anxious in her foster home. She's very wary of men but, since her foster "dad" works from home, she's warming up to him faster than might otherwise be the case. In the outside world, she's showing a little more confidence each day. She doesn't really know how to play with other dogs, though her new Berner companion is trying his hardest to show her the ropes!

She’ll surely develop more confidence when her new owner gets her started in a basic obedience course. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to follow her progress on the BERNER, Inc. blog and/or facebook page. If you are interested in being considered to adopt Bailey, or any BARC dog, you can find their application form on the web site: http://www.barcinc.net/

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