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December 20, 2010

Olivia needs a very special person

This little girl is 6 weeks old and, no, she's not in rescue! She's still with her mom, her litter mates and her caring breeder. BERNER, Inc. is simply helping to spread the word so that little Olivia, who was born deaf, can find that special person who will help her lead a normal Berner life.

She's a happy little thing and is smart as a whip! For the person who wants a great working partner, Olivia will certainly teach you a lot! Do you have enough imagination to find ways to communicate with a clever dog who can't hear? She can see, she can smell and she can THINK! Like every Berner, she wants mental challenges - she wants to work. If you can think outside the box, she'll be a blast to work with and won't let anything stop her!

If you're just feeling sorry for this puppy, this is not the pup for you. Olivia wants someone to help her reach the peaks in life. She knows she's headed there and wants a partner who will work as hard as she will - who has the same energy and drive to learn, to work and to experience the best of life!

If you think you're special enough to share your life with Olivia - to teach her and learn from her, shoot me an email at: rescue@bmdcnv.org.


  1. hi there- I'm visiting from Colorado where we adopted Owen from the Colorado Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue. He was approximately 2 when we adopted him. We have had him a little over 2 years and just received devastating news that he has histiocytosis and other tumor cells throughout his body. We will adopt again.. in time. laura

  2. Has she found a home. We have a Berner who will be 2 in June and just love him