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August 14, 2011

Update on Max

When Max left Vermont Veterinary Eye Care after his surgery this week, he could see the world around him for the first time. Vet tech Amy told us that he was unafraid and was barking enthusiastically at all the exciting new things before his eyes! He's totally psyched and ready to take in everything around him.

Max's eyes are swollen. His foster "mom", Beth, has a lot of nursing care in her future. Max will need an assortment of eye drops numerous times throughout each day in addition to his meds. He has to stay quiet and wear his e-collar 24/7. I know Beth will handle this with aplomb. She and her family have done an amazing job with Max already.

Beth (who will soon change from foster mom to adoptive mom) writes:
"For the first time, I have seen that amazing Bernese tail up and wagging. I have noted that over the past several months, Max's tail does not curl up and wag like a Bernese. When I brought him out today...one of my sons rode into the driveway on his bicycle. Before today, Max would have barked or pulled on his leash (stressed by the sound of the bicycle). Today his tail went up and he showed us his true Bernese "spirit". Despite his surgery and multiple meds, he is happy....relaxed in his new world.

Thank you to everyone that pulled together to help out Max. He is a BIG love and I am sure has a career in the Therapy Dogs of Vermont!"