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June 29, 2010

Roxie Settles In

Look at that big grin! Roxie looks mighty happy! Chester, well...maybe not so much. But really! He was just distracted by the camera! He loves Roxie and is often found snuggling with her.

Some of you folks who've been following the BERNER, Inc. dogs might remember Chester a/k/a Destructo-Dog from last year. He's the boy who re-landscaped my entire yard - even pulling a mature peach right out of the ground. I'm hoping that Roxie may be a stabilizing influence on this young man!

Funny thing about Roxie. She never made it out of foster care. This girl figured that a home where "mom" runs a doggie day care is *just* the place for a Berner girl with separation anxiety. She decided that this was *the* home for her and she worked her magic to get Chris to adopt her.

Chris is now 2 for 3 in the foster flunk-out ranks. She's fostered three Berners for BERNER, Inc. and only managed to let one go! But I'm not complaining! I could use MORE foster homes just like this!!

June 24, 2010

Hazel's Home!

Hazel's surgeon gave her a dispensation so that she could go home to her new family before the end of her 12 week recuperation ... if they *swear* to keep her quiet for the next 4 weeks. Easier said than done but they are working hard at it. Hazel now has two kids of her own - 14 year old Jared and 11 year old Cali. Jared and Hazel look pretty darned happy, no??

Her new family has a history of helping needy dogs - I know they'll take great care of this girl! She seems to be fitting right in with their other dogs an with their daily routine. She's impatient to leave this "invalid dog" persona behind her and just wants to romp with the family. Meanwhile her new "mom" is eager to get her cleaned and groomed. It's hard to have a coated dog who remains unwashed and ungroomed for 8-12 weeks post-up! I know that Hazel will feel a LOT better when she's been to the day spa at Auntie Alise's place! What a little princess!

June 14, 2010

Hazel's Laying in Wait...

...She's waiting to interview an adoptive family who have also been patiently waiting for the right dog. Hazel thinks they have been waiting for HER!!!

Hazel's foster mom, Alise, says: Hazel is 9 weeks post surgery today! The good news is Hazel has her bounce back and the bad news is that Hazel has her bounce back! :-) It's a bit more challenging to keep her at just a walk these days but the doc says she is doing great. I had hoped she could have a little "doggie time" in the fenced yard just sniffing around, but the chance of her chasing a squirrel could still be a problem if she twisted her knee, so we'll stick to the leash walks for 3 more weeks.

We had a friend's girl, Roo, visiting last weekend, she is an eight year old berner who bunked with Hazel in my office some of the time she was with us. Surprisingly, Hazel was a little jealous and kept herself between me and Roo whenever she had the chance. Not in a mean way, it was rather endearing! Hazel has been such a trooper through all of this, we will miss her terribly but will be so happy for her when she finds her forever family!

June 12, 2010

Roxie Interviews Adopters

Roxie is taking the interview process *very* seriously! She wants to make sure her new family understands the commitment that they're going to have to make and the skills they're going to need! She thinks Catherine is a keeper!

June 7, 2010

Meet Roxie

Roxie is a 4 year old spayed girl who weighs about 91 lbs. She is an incredibly sweet girl who has lived with other dogs and cats. She loves people - perhaps a bit too much since she suffers from severe separation anxiety when her owner is gone. She will damage the house and may, if the problem is not addressed, cause injury to herself. Roxie needs to live with someone who is able to be with her 24/7 for as long as it takes to work through the problem. People - this will involve actual work! This is not just a matter of giving the dog plenty of love.