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Rescuing BMD's

Hi, my name's Bromley.  I'm one of your blog hosts, and I'd like to say a few things about Berner Rescue. 

A long time ago I wasn't a very happy boy.  As a puppy I didn't get attention, toys, walks or love.  I was afraid of the people around me, and spent my days by myself in a barn.  One day strangers came, actually cuddled me and took me away.  I arrived in a new home where I was allowed in the house, had piles of toys, a park to play in-and best of all-a great big fun Berner brother to live with.  Life has been good since that day.

There are a lot of other Berners out there who aren't happy right now like I once was, or even more so.  They need rescuing and good homes, because we all deserve that.  Some of them may need a lot of time, work and patience to overcome the fears they acquired in their past lives, or medical aid, but they deserve all of that too. 

Are you one of those people that can help unhappy Berners get a second chance at the Good Life?  If so, you may want to learn more on how you can assist.  We need foster homes, adoptive homes, and donations.  Please visit  Berner Inc. for more information.