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November 2, 2010

How cute is this face?

Contemplative girl. What could she be thinking? Wondering if life could be any sweeter? She's got a new family - complete with adoring children. "Mom" just brought home a new companion for her - a rescue golden called Lilly who's become Panda's best buddy. Mom says: "Panda is really finding her personality. She loves to get attention and is just now really learning how to play with toys and other dogs. It just makes you wonder what has gone on in her world for all these years. I really don't think she had much of a social existence but she's learning how to live in a pack...and doing it really well!"

Happy Panda!

Panda (formerly known as Hazel) is enjoying life with her new family...even though her mobility has been restricted as a result of two(!) ACL surgeries. She's finally getting ready to start her long-awaited training classes - she has no idea how much fun she's going to have! She says "Enough of this bed rest stuff! This girl has things to do and places to go!"