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August 2, 2010

Meet Gabe!

This handsome fellow is just about 4 years old. He's sweet and affectionate but has had little structure in his past homes. He becomes very attached to his caretakers - to the point where it borders separation anxiety. He has lived with dogs and cats and now in his foster home he supervises some chickens as well! He needs a home where his humans will commit to providing structure and training. He'd really like a job to do! Chances are that if he's not assigned one, he'll decide on his own job description - not an ideal situation.

Gabe is looking for a home where his humans will share plenty of time and activities with him and will see that he gets lots of exercise. He is not interested in going to a home with children or where children often visit. He will be a great companion to the special person who is willing to put in the time that he needs.

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