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August 3, 2010

Greta as a phoenix?

I posed Greta in the midst of these cold coals this morning, thinking she will soon be a bit of a phoenix—reinventing herself, building a new life, rising from the ashes as it were... John starting asking her if she were happy in her new life with US, so it's definitely time for her to move on to that new home (a couple of prospects have arisen) before he falls for her completely!

Here's everyone that I woke up with this morning... So, we did NOT go for a leash walk but instead DROVE to an off-leash park where they socialized briefly with a pair of basset hounds and then had a nice run-around and walk in the woods.

That's our little "loaner lab" Scholar wondering what happened to that purple tennis ball... Ah, well.  We're down one tennis ball.

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