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July 31, 2011

Big Day for Max, the blind pup!

Well, thanks to the generosity of the Berner community, Max's big day is scheduled for August 6. He's going in for cataract surgery which, I'm told, will give him a 90% chance of significant sight when completed. His foster family is SO excited!

I have attached a lovely photo of Max and his foster family, including foster sister, Lily, at graduation from their beginner obedience class back in June. Thanks to this wonderful family, he was already heading down the right path, even without his sight!

Sincere thanks to every one of you who donated to his cause! I continue to be blown away by the generosity of Berner folks! Thanks also go to the BMDCA, which contributed $1,500 from it's rescue fund. And finally, sincere thanks to Dr. Hoy and Vermont Veterinary Eye Care in Williston, VT, who were kind enough to offer BERNER, Inc. a substantial discount on this expensive surgery. Max's cause has truly become a community project! I hope to have regular updates on his condition following surgery and will post them as I receive them.

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