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May 1, 2011

HELP NEEDED - Lost Berner - Watertown, CT

I'm sorry to say that BARC's Bailey escaped from her new home in Watertown, CT within hours of arrival on Saturday, April 30. She was wearing a collar with ID and rabies tag and she was dragging a lead. If you live anywhere near the area, please help! We need help distributing flyers but could also benefit by having folks walk quietly in the woods with their dogs - keeping their eyes and ears open!

Bailey is an incredibly sweet girl but VERY timid. She will not come if you call her. The most important thing you can do if you sight her is to be calm and quiet and to call one of the numbers listed below immediately. Do not call her. Do not approach her. Do not look directly at her. If your dog should be able to entice her close to you, you may have a chance to step on her lead.

Phone contact:

Brian: 617-721-8428

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