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October 29, 2010

Warning! Cuteness Alert!!

Now, remember, THIS is a puppy who was late to learn bite inhibition so she bit EVERYTHING... And she had attachment issues, so she didn't like to be touched... Berner puppies are cute for a reason — so they survive to adulthood!  Even well-bred, well-raised Berner puppies are often just so darn cute you want to hug them to pieces and ALL they want to do is BITE you... into bite-sized pieces!  And THIS puppy had an extra dose of that due to a rough start... So this is part warning — a rescue puppy IS cute, but is NOT easy — and an encouragement — a rescue puppy CAN be put back on the road to good dog-dom.


What?!  I'm just thinking how that toy basket would taste... I haven't started actually chewing it YET!

With my buddy Teddy — TUG with a stick! The best game...

Whatcha doin'?  Can I play, too?

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  1. They are precious together. Sam and Molly used to find a big stick and then go around in a circle with it.