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July 19, 2010

Spenser Revisited

From Jim in Vermont:

Weʼve now had Spenser for almost 3 years and heʼs done very well adjusting to us and we him. Heʼs an exceptionally affectionate guy (I think even for a Berner-hard to tell) and fits right in with our other two dogs. We had Ebbie when we got Spenser and last fall my son, who lives at home, got a chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy who he

named Dutchess. At first Spenser didnʼt like Dutchess and she was very attached to

Ebbie who mothered her like it was her own pup. As Dutchess has grown to adulthood she & Spenser have really bonded into best buddies and she teases him incessantly but follows everything he does such as chasing rabbits and squirrels and shooing the pigeons away from our bird feeders.

Spenser & Ebbie are still lovers though. When I have them out together theyʼre

practically inseparable which results in me taking a lot of pictures of the two of them

together. They particularly love wrestling around in the snows of winter and are usually almost white after theyʼve been outside for any length of time.

Spenser is a wonderful addition to our family and we canʼt tell you how happy we are

that we got involved with the BERNER, Inc. rescue program. Spenser is laying on his

bed in my office as I write this. Of course dinner is over and my office is air conditioned and most of the rest of the house isnʼt but I like to think heʼs here because he loves me so much. Actually, when we got him Ebbie was totally devoted to me & I to her but over time Spenserʼs done everything he can to horn in on that relationship and now Iʼd have to say, while Ebbie and I have a really special owner-dog thing heʼs become a real buddy to me. Karen complains that she hoped Spenser would be her dog since she lost Ebbie to me right from the time she was a pup but Spenser decided on me as well. I love them both as we all know anyone can love a Berner. The best dogs Iʼve ever had!!

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